How to Do SEO in Charlotte and other North Carolina Towns

SEO in North Carolina is a great way to gain more customers at an affordable cost per acquisition. Most business owners look at the cost of a total SEO program, versus what the cost per acquiring a new long term or profitable customer. Unfortunately most local or small business owners are their own worst enemy. From poor sales skills, to a rudimentary and unchanging view of internet marketing – the business owner who steps out of his or her own way and hires a true SEO consultant or Charlotte SEO Company to take on their project and help them take advantage of local search.

A search engine optimization consultant will help you find the right keywords, align your content goals, find a great content writer to feed your streams (both blog and social) build powerful links and reach out to huge networks to help you dominate your competition and build your brand.  SEO is not a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, 18 month or even 24 month process. You will be doing SEO for the entire time you are in business. If it makes you feel better think about doing “SEO” for 12 months and then “Local Brand Building & Promotions” for the rest of the time you are open and growing.

Maybe you don’t have the money. A real SEO consultant is not cheap upfront. But you are not buying marketing – you are investing in a future return of new business. You are not spending money or even worse wasting money unless you are adamant about being as cheap as possible, not getting into the process, not viewing your website as an extension to your business – a living, breathing, evolving thing. Invest wisely in a true professional. Here are some of the things your SEO professional should be talking about in 2015.


An Awesome Website

Your website design is 50% of your SEO success and 50% of conversions. That’s HUGE. Don’t skimp on website design. Don’t get taken either. You need the following elements:

  • Strong Main Navigation area – this should be highly responsive with only the most important mobile options avaible on the mobile view.
  • Phone number, call to action or otherwise contact information in the header for optimal conversions
  • NO SLIDERS – go for a strong designed hero image that is static and doesnt overload your site with jquery coding. Search engines can’t see your sliders anyways.
  • 1,000-2,000 words of content. Don’t worry about the naysayers that say your page is too long or there is too much content. Do you want to rank well? You can change up your style later after you are hugely profitable and can put whatever you want on your site. You don’t have that luxury today. Go with over 1,000 words.
  • Pretty URLS – no numbers, no weird symbols !@#$%^&*() you URLs should be something Google will want to show off and list. is this your website That is a little too optimized. Go with something like
  • Intelligently written Title tags and Meta Descriptions.  Remember your website listing on Google SERPs is your ad in Google. Just like an Adwords ad your titles need to be well written and high converting. In a day when Click Through Rate, Dwell time and Bounce rate are all ranking signals – think about this from day 1
  • Fast loading, responsive coding – WORK WITH A REAL DESIGNER AND DEVELOPER FOR THIS

Original, Readable Content

OMG Content! Scary!! Got to be fresh! Got to be original! Ahh!!! Duplicate content!

Everyone is so worried about content. Here are some content rules for your website.

  • Yes be fresh and original but don’t get in your own way and not write because you can’t come up with an original thought. Scour the web, social media and content curation tools to get easy ideas for quick posts or articles
  • HIre a copywriter for your service pages. You don’t know about copy and online conversion. Why would you try to do this yourself? I would want my service pages written by a professionally trained copy writer.
  • Add Rich media – the more the better. The images, videos, charts and info graphics you add to a blog post or article will help in ranking the page, delighting your readers, getting you more social share and traffic. Google loves the written word, but more and more rich media is taking center stage.

Some experts estimate 79% of the web’s traffic by 2016 will be watching videos!

Social Sharing and Natural Links


Worried about links here’s a straightforward to way to get some cool links for your website, mostly for free. Again working with a North Carolina SEO agency will get you stronger, better links. But this will get you started and for some low competition niches+city this may be all you need.

  • Social Media accounts – you will need these to share your blog posts and cool links anyways. Remember your BRAND is important.  Put a link in your page description where possible. Boom, links.
  • Local media – did you just launch your business, website or new services? There is definitely a local media outlet that may report on this news and maybe include a link back to your website. Remember Google is SUPER SMART even having your business mentioned on large local website without a link still helps you rank better.  If you cant get a local reporter to pick up your story, try online press releases – *these are paid.
  • Vendors, partners or clients. Sometimes reaching out to these resources will allow you to get a powerful link on their sites. Make sure it’s beneficial to them as well to link to your site. Remember no one wants to link to a crappy website, so again don’t skimp on your site.


Conclusion on how to do Charlotte SEO

Now you have a well built, fast loading website with original, readable content on it and high converting sales copy on service pages. Nice! Now you have branded social media accounts and some powerful local links. Nice! You can see how you are well on your way to be an online business that Google would take the time and rank.  SEO is a simple concept if you think about it, it is just REALLY REALLY Hard to do. Make a great website, create great content all the time and have a real, trusted brand across the Web. Continue blogging, continue posting on your social networks, continue reaching out to local groups and organizations. Soon the traffic will come flowing in. Now, let’s convert that traffic.


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