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Are you looking for a Charlotte SEO company? I mean a real one. Search engine optimization experts that live and work here in Charlotte, who study search engine algorithms and fluctuations daily, who run real businesses here in Charlotte?

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We are just that. Actually this page is just a web page we ranked on page one for the competitive term Charlotte SEO Company in order to show how much dominate. Other North Carolina based internet marketing companies cannot compete.

We have the strategy. We have the link building relationships. We have proprietary technology.

Let’s go over how a Charlotte business might utilize an agency to manage their SEO project and what types of activities should take place.  If you are ready to speak with a Charlotte SEO expert then please click here to get in touch with us.

OK, let’s dig in to the SEO Machine….

Charlotte SEO Company - The Best Search Engine Optimization Agency in Charlotte, NC

How to do SEO in Charlotte, NC in 2015 and beyond

The following outlines the basic steps to completing a successful SEO strategy as a business in Charlotte, NC. If you hate reading or have no time (or both) here’s the video version:

Step 1: Research

You have to know where you are to know where to start. You also have to know a lot about your audience, competition, market and technology landscape. The best place to start is to research a little about what your customers might search for.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering what search terms are most used by Charlotte consumers searching for your services  or products.

  • What mood are they in? panicked? (plumbing emergency) research? (b2b services)
  • Where are they? on the job? (mobile – tablet/phone) at home relaxed? (desktop)
  • What are your most important industry terms?
  • What are some slang or improper terms customers might use?

Using the list generated from these questions you can use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner or other free tools like Ubersuggest. Be careful with free tools, they utilize APIs and 3rd party services for their data (except Google of course) and may shut down at any time. There are some great paid tools on the market as well like SEO cockpit and SEMrush.

Step 2: On page optimization

Clean up your site, gosh darn it! Get those weak pages out of your site and out of Google’s index. They are killing your rankings. Decide what pages on your site are useful to your visitors and hire a copywriter to completely rewrite them! You need some fresh content on that site. If you sell products – get some fresh, intelligent product descriptions written. If you are a services business – get someone to write some great web copy outlining how awesome your Charlotte based business is.

Have an SEO professional optimize the content for search engines or do the following yourself:

  • Optimize your titles and headlines to be the perfect mix of keywords and intelligent high converting sales headlines
  • Optimize your content with formatting options to make the most important parts stand out
  • Optimize images to load fast and contain text elements that contain keywords and calls to action
  • Add videos, photos, downloads, and more.
  • Link to important internal pages or blog posts that compliment the page

Step 3: Build Your Brand

The fatal mistake most local business owners make (we can only talk about Greater Charlotte based businesses because that is who we serve) is to not consider their business, a brand. Brand is so important to every business –  whether from logo recognition to have a great online reputation on review sites, over the years you are building your reputation as you go.  Just like it is important to be courteous and respectful and an asset to your customers, your online marketing strategy should be the same way.

Even if you think social media and other huge online communities are frivolous and annoying – go ahead and claim your business on every network you possibly can. Claim your business on business review sites and start building out your profiles with great content. Encourage your customers to leave great reviews of your service.

Click here to read exactly which business review sites are most important to your local business.

Some websites to consider are:

  • Google+ or Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

There are literally hundreds. A good Charlotte internet marketing service will take care of this for you.

Step 4: Local Reach Out

OK – this is where SEO starts to get complicated and involved. Link building is very important to your business and unlike the old days when you could build lots of irrelevant links and rank well, in today’s SEO landscape links must be powerful and relevant.

The best place to start in Charlotte building links is reaching out to any local Charlotte organizations you may be a part of get your business on their website. Do you help a charity? Are you a part of the Chamber of Commerce? Have you done work for a big Charlotte company? Maybe you know a local reporter who might do a small story on you?

These are local Charlotte links and extremely relevant to your business. Cool!

Reach out to as many of these as you can think of with a simple email explaining you are building up your business and would love to be included on their website. Some may charge a small fee to get your business up. Pay it – don’t skimp. These links will help you.

Again, online marketing agencies do this every day and have unique relationships with local organizations. Part of the fee you pay to have your SEO done for you goes to paying for link placement like this.

Step 5: Content & Social

OK guys – you made it. You have built up your reputation, gotten some great reviews, built some cool local links to your site. Now it is time to keep the momentum flowing and showing Google that you are a legitimate growing business and weren’t just trying to “game” them for a short time to get ranked. They will drop you like a bad habit!

Do the following:

Create a list of frequently asked questions your customers ask you every day. Every month pick one question and write a short answer (a couple sentences) and add it to a FAQs page on your website. Then write a longer answer (400-500 words) in the form of a blog post and post it to your website. Link the short answer to the long answer and boom you got some fresh content.

Then – share the link and the answer to your social media channels you have been hopefully growing. Your customers want to know the answer to their questions. The more relevant your social media posts are, the more they will be viewed and shared. Don’t just post “Buy My Services!” every day – you will lose all of your people!

OK – so your SEO program is now rocking and rolling. Maybe it all sounds like a lot of work and you don’t have the time to do any of the above.  In that case, it’s time to hire a Charlotte SEO expert or better yet a full time agency to handle your local internet marketing services. Your Charlotte business should get:

  • Charlotte niche directory sign ups
  • All the biggest directory sign ups
  • Local Charlotte relevant links
  • Rich media promoting your business online
  • Your Charlotte website fully optimized with fresh, high converting copy and content

Get all that and more with our Charlotte SEO company.


We are Possible Web and by now you realize we dominate page 1 on Google and we can do the same for you.

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